As one of the world’s most visited cities, it’s no surprise that some parts of London can seem a little over-exposed to the more discerning tourist. While this isn’t a problem for the majority of people, it can be exhausting spending your holiday shoulder to shoulder with hundreds of other tourists who’ve come to see the exact same landmarks as you.

It’s easy to see why this might happen, especially when a lot of London’s top tourist attractions can be found in relatively close proximity to each other. A walk from Buckingham Palace, through Trafalgar Square, down to the Palace of Westminster won’t take you much more than half an hour which is very handy, but there’s so much more to see and do in this vibrant city.


The swinging sixties have contributed to the idea that London has a reputation as being the UK’s centre of ‘cool’. None of the London boroughs come cooler than the epicentre of hipsterism that is Shoreditch. You’ll find vegan coffee bars and tech start-ups on every other corner here. Taking a walk from the Old Street Tube station, you’ll find Shoreditch and the nearby Hoxton are great places to people watch and to get a look into the handmade side of London.


Between the areas of Clerkenwell and London City, you’ll find the up and coming neighbourhood of Farringdon. Its proximity to the financial centre of city makes this spot a popular destination for after work drinks and business meetings. It’s easy to see why the area has a quality Malmaison Hotel and a number of the classiest drinking dens to be found in the whole city. This is the perfect place to start your night out.


Every bit as cool as Shoreditch, but without the pretentiousness, Camden has shot up the ranks as a trendy part of London in the last couple of years. With bars and clubs to rival any other part of the city and cafés for the morning after, Camden is a favourite with Londoners. If you want to try and escape the concrete jungle, Hampstead Heath offers a welcome green space in the city centre. History lovers will also want to visit the British Library, in Somers Town. The stunning building holds everything from the Magna Carta to handwritten Beatles lyrics.

It’s hard to take in all of London in a single trip. If you’re wanting to tick off all the main tourist spots, this can be easily done, though you can be left feeling that you’ve seen the city through a “tourist friendly filter”. Try to see everything at your own pace, and take time out in some of the city’s world-renowned parks.

The tube system is easy to navigate and is one of the better ways of seeing the city centre. Londoners themselves will swear by the tube over any other type of transport, especially at rush hour! There is a lot of personality to see in London, you just need to know where to look!