When it comes to the many decisions you have to make when starting a company, deciding on the company’s name is one of the biggest. 

The name of your company forms a large part of your brand and can have a big impact on your success. A strong name can make marketing and growing brand awareness of your business that much easier. Here are a few things to consider when coming up with your company’s name:

Avoid Names Which Are Hard to Spell and Hard to Pronounce

It can be incredibly difficult to make your brand talk of the nation if people struggle to pronounce it. Your customers and potential customers will also want to search for your company online, either looking for reviews, coupons or to simply find your site and social media. If your company name is hard to spell you will likely lose out on business and create a lot of frustrated customers struggling to find your online presence.

The Name Should Sound Good Said Aloud

You want your business name to roll off the tongue and be memorable; often names which are alliterative – like Coca-Cola – sound catchier and are easier for customers to remember. Clunky names will not be a good representation of your business and will be easily forgotten.

Don’t Use Names Which Will Limit Your Business

When picking a name for your company, try to avoid anything which will limit your growth in the future. Calling your company Beds Online, for example, will make it difficult to branch out into other forms of furniture or from opening physical stores. It can be useful having a company name which describes the nature of your business, but be careful not to box yourself in.

Do Your Research

Look at your potential industry competitors and see what names seem to work and which don’t. Think about how your brand name could stand out from companies like yours. It’s also a good idea to make sure your brand name doesn’t mean anything you rather it wouldn’t in other countries – a few brands have been caught out by this in the past. Also remember to check that any names you are thinking of opting for are available to use by checking with Companies House.


Going straight to your demographic and asking them what they really think of your brand name options is one of the best things you can do. This kind of research will help narrow down your choice of names and will also help you discover any problems people have with a name before you have properly committed to it.

Test the Name on Google Ads

Google Ads, Google’s platform for advertising on its search engine and network, can be a great way to see words it thinks are related to your potential name as well as how many searches are currently made on your potential name.

Your business name is a crucial part of branding so getting it right from the beginning is incredibly important. Following these tips above will help keep on you on the right track.