There are many great locations in the UK for doing business which also offer a myriad of great ways to let your hair down in your downtime. If you find yourself being sent on business to a vibrant UK city, always try to include some time to get out of your hotel and explore. The UK is bursting at the seams with nightlife, great restaurants, free museums and history. Here we have put together a mini guide to the best UK cities to travel to in the UK.


York is a beautiful historic city in North Yorkshire, England. If history is your thing, York has plenty of it on offer - the city has Roman roots and a Viking influence. The city also has a good reputation for business and studies suggest start-up companies have a greater chance of survival here than in other parts of the country (68.1% of start-ups survive). The low crime rate and relatively inexpensive hotels – in comparison to other parts of the UK – also make it an appealing city to do business in. On a business trip here you will want to schedule in some free to explore the city and its stunning architecture.


Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland, is another beautiful historic city filled with amazing architecture. With relatively cheap office rents and a burgeoning population, Edinburgh has attracted a lot of businesses in the last few years. When on a trip here for business, try to stay close to the city centre as you will easily be able to get around on foot; many of the tourist attractions are also all found in the heart of the city, making it easy to see lots of the sights – even just in passing - if your trip doesn’t allow you much free time.


London, the capital of the UK, is also one of the business and financial capitals of the world. The city is a global hub for business and will often be the first place any business meeting in the UK will take place. The huge population of London makes it easy to recruit the best people as well as giving you a wealthy captive audience to sell to. London attracts the most ambitious and hardworking but is also incredibly expensive and has a relatively low success rate for start-ups. London is very easy to get around with lots of transport options, making it easy to explore the city and the world-famous landmarks as well as get to your meeting destinations. London is also brimming with networking events and opportunities so try to take advantage of these if you get the chance.


Portsmouth, the port city on the south coast of the UK, has a rich maritime history, is within travelling distance to the business hub London, but is much more affordable for office space and accommodation. Portsmouth is also filled with great places to explore and sites to see if you have the time. Places like Emirates Spinnaker Tower and Canoe Lake are definitely worth checking out when you get the chance. The fact Portsmouth is also by the sea means you can always go for a walk along the beach to clear your head and get some fresh air. There are also lots of great hotels, gym facilities, shops and restaurants to make the most of during your time.