Working with cloud computing is essential in today’s workplace. Not only does it free your workplace from an out-dated IT infrastructure, it is more reliable and opens opportunities for a more happy and flexible work force.

Here are some benefits of moving to the cloud:


With cloud computing all you need is an internet connection to get started, meaning that your employees can work from anywhere, any time with any device. Just imagine the possibilities this can open for you. This is a great perk for new and existing workers and will set you apart from other companies.

Cloud computing also allows for more opportunity for your workplace to collaborate and work more closely together. By being able to share and edit documents in real time you’ll find that your employees will be more on the ball and efficient. Additionally, all files are stored in a digital centralised location which removes the risk of employees missing updates communicated through email, etc as everyone will always have access to the most up to date document version.

Always Up-to-Date

Unlike a traditional, static IT infrastructure cloud updates are released sporadically and are made available to business customers as soon as they are released. Gone are the days where you must wait for the yearly update to be rolled out. This means that you will always have the most up to date software and functionality.


You’ll also see that with moving to cloud computing that your overhead costs will be reduced as you don’t have to purchase equipment and hardware or worry about needing to leave out space for a data centre.

Cloud computing also offers a level of cost control based on the size of the package you have bought into, something that can be increased and decrease to fit your demands meaning that you only pay for what you use. An additional benefit of adopting cloud computing is that is has less of an impact on the environment and will reduce your companies carbon footprint.


With all of us having to move forward in a post-GDPR landscape we are all living in a world of heighten data protection. Iomart explains how cloud computing is more secure and can work in place with your current GDPR efforts. Data is kept safe and only accessed by those with the appropriate permissions.  

Increases Productivity

When a business incorporates cloud computing into its processes, it no longer needs to be concerned about the upkeep of IT infrastructure. Cloud computing frees up resources which can be invested into other others of the business, increasing productivity help with growth.