If you are working from home permanently or simply one or two days a week, you will want to have a good workspace you can go and be productive. There can be many distractions when working from home which makes creating a comfortable workspace even more important. Whether it’s the desk itself, storage solutions or simply making it look good, setting your office up at home isn’t always the easiest task.

Find the Right Space

The hardest task when setting up your home office can be finding the right space. Ideally, you would like to have a room dedicated to your work, but realistically this isn’t always possible. Instead, try to find a spot where you are away from most distractions and where you can set up your laptop and paperwork. A corner desk near a window can be a good way to save space but also allow you to work in natural lighting. You want to be away from the television and other similar distractions that may lead to you being much less productive than if you were at home.

Stay Connected

Any space in your home where you choose to work, you will want to be able to access the internet and a phone line. If you cannot easily connect online or make a call you will quickly become frustrated and want to work somewhere else. Make sure the space you have chosen has easy access to wireless internet and a phone line.

Keep Everything Tidy

When you no longer have colleagues around to judge the state of your desk, it is easier to let it become a bit of a mess. However, if you put proper storage solutions in place you will be feel encouraged to file everything away and keep your desk in order. Putting a filing cabinet in place, having a fireproof and lockable cabinet for your very important documents and boxes with lids to store items out the way can all help keep your workspace tidy.

Decorate the Space

The good news is that, unlike your desk in the office, you can decorate it however you like. Why not make it a more inviting space to work? The more inviting you make the space, the more inclined you’ll feel to work there. Ikea can be a great place to go and get cheap but nice storage containers for stationery. Keep cables out the way and to a minimum – opt for wireless options -  as well have a plant or two on your desk if you have the space.

Staying Secure

Your home office, unlike an actual work environment, will not be properly locked up and secure. With GDPR legislation coming into play, you will want to keep all personally identifiable and important documents locked out of sight and limit access to them to only those who need to access them.