In the midst of Brexit and economic uncertainty, it can be hard to look at the UK and see economic potential.

The reality is that a lot of areas across the country have been developed into centres of tech and finance, and some of the world’s best talent in the world can be found living and working in across Britain. While many businesses will look at the capital as an area of potential, the costs of living and working in London are disproportionately higher than a lot of other parts of the country.

The main reason for this is due to the London being the economic powerhouse of the rest of the country and as a result of this, many of the opportunities lie here while other parts of the country. The government has recognised this, and a lot of investment has come to spread some of the wealth to the North, the Midlands, and other places that have traditionally been impoverished compared to London.

The Midlands Opportunity

Birmingham, in particular, has seen the benefit of outside investment in recent years, making it one of the biggest areas of potential for business in the country today. Boasting an international airport and a high-speed rail link with London, it’s easy to see why international businesses looking to operate in Britain without the costs of the capital might choose to set up operations here.

While Birmingham has a history that is heavily rooted in traditional industries from the Victorian era, the last decade or so has seen the city centre redeveloped as more modern, specialised businesses set up offices and headquarters. An indication of this success comes from the various small business incubators and local support that’s offered to those looking to establish themselves in this part of the country.

Local Talent

There’s no denying that the standard of higher education on offer in the Midlands attracts many talented people to settle in the area. Birmingham City University, Coventry University, the University of Warwick, etc. are all global players in terms of alumni. This means that there is a broad range of highly specialised people residing in this part of the country, especially in the cities.

It should come as no surprise to learn that the high rate of new businesses opening across the country are helped along on the road to success by the talented people who travel from across the world to benefit from the education that is offered by universities in the Midlands and beyond.

Set up for Business

Birmingham and the surrounding area have a broad range of venues and facilities that lend themselves well to international conferences and meetings. The NEC at Marston Green is one of the biggest venues in the whole country for trade shows and the like. In nearby Sutton Coldfield, the Belfry Hotel and Resort is world renowned for its meeting facilities and makes the perfect base for smaller conferences and events.

We are seeing the development of the UK outside of London to deal with a changing global market place. Birmingham and the Midlands offer a broad range of opportunities to those who want to do business with the UK.