Wigs, Weaves n What

wigs, sew-ins and braids. The versatility of black hair is boundless and Most black women have a hairstyle they prefer, while some like to switch it up.  

From wearing it natural to braids, from sew-ins to wigs, there are many ways in which a black woman can wear her hair. While one week you may wish to serve Janet Jackson in Poetic Justice looks or serve some 2000's era Ashanti, the possibilities are endless. Each style has a different personality, its own vibe; you're a different woman every time.

Although there are many styles to choose from, many black women have their go-to do. The when-in-doubt, nothing else looks good, or I can't do anything else do. It may also depend on the weather and time of year.

Afro hair is often prone to breakage, especially during the winter months. So in an effort to protect those beautiful coils, black women wear something known as 'protective styles,' this can come in the form of wigs, braids, twists, etc. These keep the hair tucked away and moisturised to prevent breakage and damage. 

I wear wigs and my natural hair, wigs in the fall-winter to give my hair a break ...my go-to styles are low buns, low loose pigtails, and low braided pigtails. they’re the most comfortable looks for me and very cute in my opinion - Jade

I prefer braids because they are super easy to maintain and they always look nice. - Rorleen

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