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Falkland Islands: Veterans reunite after almost 40 years

Navy veteran David was just 20 years old when he found himself heading towards the Falkland Islands.

He was aboard the SS Atlantic Conveyor, a refitted container ship carrying munitions and aircraft, but lacking defensive capabilities.

On 25 May 1982, the Conveyor was hit by two missiles, setting the ship ablaze.

Twelve men lost their lives in the attack, two of whom were from David's unit.

David has struggled to come to terms with what happened and, almost 40 years later, is desperate to reconnect with his fellow crewmen who survived alongside him.

Family mourn nine-year-old boy struck by lightning in Blackpool


Jordan Banks pictured in January. His football team called him an ‘extraordinary young man’.




Due to the terrible whether conditians he got struck by lighting in training.

Emergency services, including police and an air ambulance, were called to the scene to find that Jordan had suffered serious injuries. He was taken to hospital but died a short time later. Flowers, footballs and messages of condolence were laid at the site.




Jordan’s family said: "  Our worlds stopped. We lost the brightest star, our beautiful boy Jordan. His laugh, that infectious smile, golden curls – he was our everything. Wise beyond his years, caring, considerate, generous and so loving. Our love is endless. Goodnight, beautiful boy."

Filip Fijak