Issue 77

Issue 77

In this issue, you are going to read, watch and learn: - Masterclass: How To Master Off-Camera Flash - Expert Guide: The Ultimate Guide To White Balance - Lightroom: How To Process A Landscape Photo

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Contents of Issue 77 of Photography Masterclass Magazine

Editors Choice - Issue 77

A Handpicked Selection Of Our Favorite Photos

5 Lies Camera Companies Tell You - Issue 77

Chelsea and Tony discuss 5 "lies" camera companies use to sell cameras. Are megapixels that important? Does your camera have the fastest AF? Hear their theories

White Balance: The Ultimate Guide To Mastering It - Issue 77

Become a master of White Balance in our ultimate guide!

Lightroom: How to Process a Landscape Photo - Issue 77

In this Lightroom workflow tutorial learn how to beautifully develop your landscape photos in less than 10 minutes.

How To Master Off-Camera Flash - Issue 77

Using Flashguns (Speedlights) off camera opens up a world of creative possibilities and are a useful addition to any photographer’s arsenal. In this issue you'l

Featured Photographer: Markus Berger - Issue 77

We Speak To Austrian Based Action Sports And Commercial Photographer, Markus Berger

Timelapse: Tempest: Monsoons in the American Southwest - Issue 77

An amazing timelapse that captures the beauty and power of the monsoon season of the American Southwest

Readers Gallery - Issue 77

In this issue's Reader's Gallery , we feature a selection of images from Photography Masterclass reader, Carsten Bachmeyer.

Lowdown On The Flash Q - Issue 77

Don't miss the lowdown on the Flash Q, the world's smallest wireless flash trigger system.

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