Issue 1

Issue 1

An in-depth masterclass teaching you how to shoot traffic light trails, and an expert guide on how to use histograms, plus much more!

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Contents - Issue 1

Contents of Issue 1 of Photography Masterclass Magazine

Editors Note - Issue 1

Editors Note of Issue 1 of Photography Masterclass Magazine

Editors Choice - Issue 1

A Handpicked Selection Of Our Favorite Photos

Fashion Inspired Glamour Portraiture - Issue 1

What do you think when you hear the words Glamour photography?

Shooting Traffic Light Trails - Issue 1

Learn how to achieve this stunning night time effect

Timelapse: Dubai III - Issue 1

20,000 images shot over three weeks, resulted in Richard Bentley’s epic Dubai III Timelapse. The music was composed especially for this timelapse by Athar Saeed

How To Use Histograms - Issue 1

Learn to use Histograms Correctly in-camera and in Lightroom

Featured Photographer: Sol Nicol - Issue 1

The photographer behind ‘The Proclaimers’ latest album cover image

Using Apeture & Shutter Priority Modes - Issue 1

How to use Aperture & Shutter Priority modes and get the basics right

Canon 7D Firmware Upgrade - Issue 1

Nearly two years on from the last major firmware upgrade for the Canon EOS 7D, we’d have to say we’re seriously impressed with the host of features Canon’s new

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