Mirai Interactive eBrochure

Mirai Interactive eBrochure

With zero emissions and innovative fuel cell technology, the hydrogen-powered Mirai is the ultimate eco car – driving towards a hydrogen society and better mobility for all.

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The Mirai - Mirai Interactive eBrochure

Mirai: a revolutionary new car that makes less impact on our planet, but is guaranteed to make an impact on you, on every journey. Discover more about the hydro

Introduction - Mirai Interactive eBrochure

At Toyota, we’re always moving forward. Whether we’re developing advanced technology that transforms our lives or designing vehicles that change the way we driv

Introduction - Mirai Interactive eBrochure

With 0% emissions, the hydrogen-powered Mirai is pioneering another fresh approach; destined to change the future of mobility.

Introduction - Mirai Interactive eBrochure

With visionary fuel-cell technology, Mirai is clearly pioneering the future of emission-free driving – making a vital contribution to a better environmental fut

Hydrogen explained - Mirai Interactive eBrochure

It’s the most common element in the universe. It’s extremely stable, efficient and, as opposed to electricity, it’s easy to store over long periods.

Hydrogen explained - Mirai Interactive eBrochure

Fuel cells aren’t just used for transportation. They are also ideal for powering factories, refrigerating warehouses and heating homes.

Engine technology - Mirai Interactive eBrochure

Mirai is 100% electric, and doesn’t need to be recharged. Instead, a fuel-cell stack generates electricity and powers the fully electric motor – leaving behind

Refuelling - Mirai Interactive eBrochure

Filling the Mirai is much like filling a petrol car, except the refuelling station pump does all the work.

Performance - Mirai Interactive eBrochure

Mirai isn’t just better for the world around us, it also provides an irresistible driving experience. It's silent, smooth and controlled, with instant accelerat

Design - Mirai Interactive eBrochure

Mirai is totally different. Its unique style has been designed to enhance the way it performs. To improve aerodynamics, the side view resembles a drop of water

Interior - Mirai Interactive eBrochure

The flowing space of the cabin fuses timeless quality with modern design. The quietness of the engine is enhanced by acoustic glass that minimises outside noise

Technology - Mirai Interactive eBrochure

From intuitive cockpit displays and informative high-definition TFT screens to the rear-view camera and convenient wireless charger, Mirai uses the very latest

Safety - Mirai Interactive eBrochure

When it comes to safety, we consider every possibility, no matter how remote. In the event of a collision, Mirai’s unique frame is designed to distribute the im

Colours and trims - Mirai Interactive eBrochure

The striking exterior comes in a selection of five colours, while the interior features soft Toyota E-Tex, available in three variations.

Vision - Mirai Interactive eBrochure

Mirai is a visionary car, inside and out. From the clean hydrogen fuel-cell stack at its heart, to the innovative technology that surrounds it, this is a car th

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