THE_EDITION, Console (newsstand)

THE_EDITION, Console (newsstand)

Designers and art directors often struggle with the question of how to bring their ideas to life in a digital publication.

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No Coding! - THE_EDITION, Console (newsstand)

Edition Digital is a comprehensive system that offers a complete set of solutions for creatives. With no coding. Learn how the Smart Digital Publishing System i

Welcome - THE_EDITION, Console (newsstand)

When was the last time you felt butterflies in your stomach? At Edition Digital we are full of butterflies as we launch our new Smart Digital Publishing System.

The Marketing and Business Evolution - THE_EDITION, Console (newsstand)

With more content being produced now than ever before, how can brands cure the content clutter headache and produce targeted storytelling? Justin takes a look a

Mazda Zoom-Zooms into Digital Publishing - THE_EDITION, Console (newsstand)

"Necessity is the mother of invention," says Nik. Find out how it drove Mazda into the world of digital.

Smart Digital Publishing Checklist - THE_EDITION, Console (newsstand)

Edition Digital is a scalable set of solutions for digital publishing which empowers all creatives - from individuals and small teams to complex production and

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