Issue 69

Issue 69

By taking your portraits outdoors you can create some really dramatic images. In this issue, we look at how to shoot outdoor portraits and get the best possible results every time.

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Contents of Issue 69 of Photography Masterclass Magazine

Editors Choice - Issue 69

A Handpicked Selection Of Our Favorite Photos

Don't Make These Travel Photography Mistakes! - Issue 69

Sometimes shooting in small spaces can be a logistical challenge. You want the angle to be right, but you can't see the back of the screen. So how do you know i

How To Clean Your Camera & Lenses Like A Pro - Issue 69

Learn exactly how to clean your camera and lenses like a pro

Photoshop: The Best Way to Sharpen Portraits - Issue 69

After spending long hours on a photo edit, sharpening is the best way to enhance all of the details you worked so hard to preserve. It’s also a great tool to he

How to Shoot Dramatic Outdoor Portraits - Issue 69

By taking your portraits outdoors you can create some really dramatic images. Shooting outside can give your portraits a more relaxed feel, helping to create be

Featured Photographer: Brian Adelberg - Issue 69

We interview Portland based inspirational landscape photographer, Brian Adelberg

Timelapse: Patagonia | Torres Del Paine - Issue 69

This was my second visit to the southern tip of South America. My first trip in 2015 was incredible and resulted in some of my most successful videos.

Readers Gallery - Issue 69

Your Very Best Shots Showcased

Lowdown on the Sony FE 400 mm f/2.8 OG OSS Lens - Issue 69

We discuss whether this lens combined with the Sony A9 could be the ultimate combo for sports photographers!

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