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About us

Edition Digital is the award winning smart digital publishing system that empowers content owners and creators to enable them to create and deliver their content in a highly engaging and interactive manner across all platforms – tablets, mobile devices, and on the internet.

The Edition Digital intuitive platform is both powerful and easy to use. From basic linking, adding photo slides, and video to more advanced features such as complex animation, advanced SEO capabilities, segmented analytic, you and your team have the ability to create and deliver interactive publications that can be instantly published and read on all platforms - tablets, mobile devices, and on the internet browsers.

Our solutions are customizable, so your content carries the look and feel of your brand. You can engage your readers with built in polls and surveys and integrate E-commerce into the experience. All made possible with our design software without any coding, additional staff or specially trained resources.

Edition Digital enables you to monetize your interactive digital editions through in-app purchases selling single issues and subscriptions, web based digital newsstands and by integrating E-commerce into your publications.